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Connecting People In Need To People Who Care
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BGR International is a Non-Profit-Organization (INPO), also a registered charity
[UEN No. 200722544Z] in Singapore. Our core business involves:

in the areas of Disaster Relief and Community Development.

BGRI Vision   
We envision a world where all people have fair access to the basic needs of life: food, health, water, shelter and 
education as well as the dignity to choose that life.

BGRI Mission
We strive to help the people of the world in need by connecting them with people who care starting in Singapore, 
then Asia and the rest of the world.

BGRI Main Functions

1. We promote volunteerism and involvement of caring people into the lives and communities of those in need 
around the world.

2. We develop and provide effective and efficient channels of connection for financial, physical, personal and 
spiritual resources from around the world to be utilized in making a positive difference in the lives and 
communities of those in need.

3. We provide training and equipping to people and organizations to help them be better tooled for relief and 
development efforts worldwide.

4. We value and actively seek partnership with individuals and organizations who have similar goals, objectives 
and an ethos of operations in order to initiate effective and efficient relief and development efforts worldwide.

 Worldwide operation                Founding members       
  BGR Area Directors are serving:                                                    Founding members: Jeff Palmer, Joshua Tan, Rick Funderburk

  •  Central & South Asia - Francis& Angie Horton
  •  Asia Pacific - Ben & Pam Wolf   
  •  North Africa/Middle East/Europe - Abraham & Grace Shepherd
  •  Sub-Sahara Africa - Mark & Susan Hatfiled 
  •  Central &South America - David & Jo Brown  
  •  Managing Director of Disaster Response & Training - Dr. Patrick J. Melancon
  •  BGRI Director of Training & Networking - Joshua Tan