Goats, Bathrooms, and Wells!

community development

In one country along the Asia Rim, most families depend on farming and agriculture to make consistent money. If there is a drought or monsoons one season, an entire year’s worth of wages can be washed down the drain. Because of the uncertainty of the weather and crop growth, a lot of farmers and their families live hand-to-mouth, not knowing if next week’s meals are guaranteed. 

Your donations helped BGR International partners throughout the nation train community leaders in gardening techniques, water sanitation and hygiene practices, and animal husbandry!

Some villagers were even given water filters, so they wouldn’t have to make long treks to communal water wells.  

A goat project was also started to help farming families make consistent money from their milk, meat, and breeding. This new source of income will keep food on the table for agricultural communities regardless of their crop yield! 

One man involved in the distribution expressed a need for a bathroom in his home, as his family had been using the river to relieve themselves. BGRI workers built one from scratch! The villager was astounded: “My family is blessed to receive this gift. Now we can help others in our community too!” 

Thank you for your generosity in helping these communities!

Education in the Asia Rim

asia rim education training

Education is key to breaking the cycle of generational poverty. 

In one country along the Asia Rim, your gifts are helping train almost 250 leaders and are benefitting more than 100,000 at-risk people

Here is how you are helping:

16 community leaders were trained in community development, project management, financial responsibility, and volunteer coordination. This new knowledge will help them organize their village leadership and improve communication between leaders when working on new projects!

12 interns and 121 volunteers from 15 different provinces were trained in disaster response, so the next time a hurricane or earthquake hits their region, there will be prepared and competent leaders ready to leap into action! 

12 nonprofit presidents from 7 states were trained in public welfare initiatives and fundraising techniques. This training laid the basis for these CEOs to understand how to make their nonprofits successful in a competitive market, while helping the greatest number of vulnerable families possible. 

3 partners from Nepal were equipped to manage disaster relief efforts for the ongoing mudslides.

22 consulting projects were completed—these services helped organizations with their development plans, project management, and governance. 

None of this would have been possible without your consistent support! To facilitate more incredible trainings like this, donate to BGR International today.

Training Young Farmers

agricultural training farming techniques asia

One of the most underdeveloped countries in the Asia Rim was facing drought and an outbreak of water-related diseases before BGR International stepped in. 

After hearing of the agricultural problems that farmers in the region were facing, BGRI partners were able to train the leaders of 30 different communities in sustainable farming processes! 

Additionally, after partners discovered contaminated water supplies, they were able to give out dozens of clean water filters to families who desperately needed them. The lack of water in one village had become so severe that they were on the brink of losing all water sources, but BGR International provided emergency water rations to help families make it through the drought. 

The youth in this region were particularly targeted, as they were seeking better lives for themselves and their future children. Leadership trainings were held for 70 of these young people to help them become better equipped to face the world and earn consistent incomes. 

Thank you for helping communities like this around the world experience a better life! To help more families, donate to BGR International today.

Training the Next Generation

community development water filters

This past year, BGR International had the incredible opportunity to invest in community development in a vulnerable region of the world.

This opportunity involved BGRI workers installing almost 200 permanent home water filters, hosting an agricultural training for almost 50 community leaders, giving much-needed medical attention to over 250 people and dental care to almost 100 others, as well as teaching oral hygiene to 200 children in the area. 

These medical trainings and clinics resulted in meaningful friendships and the formation of four new community development organizations that are identifying needs in their villages. BGR International workers were able to train the leaders of these new organizations in government registration, accounting, and event organization, so that they will be better prepared for the challenges ahead. 

Over 2,500 people benefitted from this project, and we could not have impacted that many families without you! To donate to more efforts like this, give to BGR International today.

Water Wells in the Philippines

water wells philippines

Some areas of the Philippines still don’t have reliable clean water sources. 

In 2020, that should not still be an issue—clean water is a basic human right! 

So by giving to BGR International, you helped communities in the Southern Philippines gain access to 21 wells that are now providing families across the region with safe drinking water. 

Also, with your gifts, BGRI was able to repair two wells that had broken down and teach community leaders how to repair the pumps themselves. Now, next time there is an issue with a communal well, they will have the resources to solve the problem on their own!

Clean water is the foundation of good health, and you helped nearly 1,000 people experience restored health through these water wells. 

Thank you for your support of BGR International! It makes life-changing projects like this possible.

Hope for a Housewife

philippines training
You are helping one housewife in the Philippines, along with almost 200 adults and 200 children, live better and healthier lives! Your gifts to BGR International made it possible for Mrs. Ocampo to learn enough about agriculture to raise chickens as a means of providing for her family!
Her courage and determination motivated her to complete a BGRI training and gain the knowledge she needed to start a side business selling soothing ointment and herbal bandages to the sick and wounded in her community. 

The money she makes from this has allowed her to keep food on the table for her children and start to plan for her family’s future as vegetable farmers. You have given her hope again!

Other families who attended the trainings were able to start similar side businesses to start earning steady incomes. New skills such as livestock breeding, cooking, health care, and hygiene practices were also taught and received well by those who attended. 

Thank you for making it possible for BGR International to serve communities in need!

Winter Warmth for the Vulnerable

blankets for the needy

The winter months can be difficult for families who are living in poverty and can’t afford heating systems for their homes. 

Especially when dealing with extreme temperatures that drop below freezing, children, the elderly, and disabled members of communities suffer the most and are more likely to get dangerously sick as a result. 

Knowing there was a need for warm clothes and blankets, BGR International partners were able to give over 3,100 families jackets, hats, blankets, and gloves to help them survive the cold season! 

34 different villages received the gifts you helped provide, and when the distribution was done, 1,350 older people, 730 small children, and 233 disabled individuals were cared for in their time of need!

Your consistent donations make large projects like this possible, and we are grateful for your support!

Village Health and Hygiene

cambodia health hygiene

Farmers in one area of Cambodia are benefiting from your gifts! 

After these farming families lived for years with no toilets, few education opportunities, and little personal health knowledge, your donations made it possible for BGRI partners to build 105 community toilets! The impact of these latrines alone will help women feel more safe by providing privacy, as well as actual structures to keep snakes and other animals out. 

Along with these toilets, BGRI workers taught two health classes that instructed families on how to prevent diseases, stay healthy in the winter months, and keep germs from spreading quickly.

After the project was completed, over 500 people were helped!

Thank you for giving to BGR International and helping this community in Cambodia.

Your donations make the world a better place. Let’s make a difference together!

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