Crossing Borders in Cambodia


BGR International workers were saddened to find a stretch of villages in Cambodia overrun with alcoholism, illiteracy, and severe poverty with no signs of progress on the horizon. Parasites and dehydration were consistent issues in the community that were drastically affecting families’ appetites and energy levels.

But your gifts to BGRI made it possible for workers to intervene then and there!

Not only were they able to provide 12 different villages with clean water, but also taught gardening techniques, good personal hygiene practices, and even a disease prevention class for prisoners!

Your donations made this possible, and now nearly 1,000 people across these villages are better equipped to live healthy lives where they can thrive instead of just survive. 

Thank you for helping BGRI cross borders and save lives!

Caring for Cambodia

cambodia healthcare

It can be very difficult to get access to healthcare and good hospitals in Cambodia. Remote villagers have to risk their safety on dangerous roads to big cities, and the wait for an appointment can be long and stressful. Especially for pregnant women, getting help with pregnancy and birth can be extremely hard.

But your donations are helping villages across the country get the medical attention they need!

Professionals are leading classes that teach basic skills like hand-washing, burping a baby, and how to treat a fever, along with more advanced techniques like how to cure outbreaks of worms and amoebas. This project eventually reached 24 communities, 11 of which had never been helped with healthcare before! That’s over 1,000 reached by your generosity, and 270 pregnant women who now know how to best care for themselves and their babies. 

These villages now have leaders who have been trained for emergency medical situations, so they will be prepared for the future. And it’s all thanks to you! 

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Clean Water and Health Clinics

clean water health clinics
Your donations made it possible for nearly 5,500 people to receive almost 1,500 water filters in 2019!

This was an increase of almost 600 filters from last year. 

Additionally, the classes that you sponsored helped train nearly 2,000 community members in clean water and sanitation habits to keep their families healthy. Some of the skills taught were waste management, hand-washing and hygiene habits, along with proper food handling. 

The community was also taught how to care for illnesses related to dirty water and food contamination, in case of an outbreak. 

These trainings span across 14 villages and have slowly expanded into local health clinics in some communities! 

To help bring clean water and health education to more villages, donate to BGR International today.

Fighting HIV and Tuberculosis

hiv and tuberculosis

Tuberculosis and HIV are some of the lead killers in Asia. 

One of the main ways to help stop the rapid spread of diseases is through raising awareness and educating people on the risks and causes. Once those suffering from these illnesses understand their health issues, they are more likely to seek help and get healthy in the proper ways. 

Inadequate hospitals and health services are often a barrier to receiving the medical care they need, however. So BGR International is sending doctors and health experts to go into the homes of patients who have already been diagnosed and make sure they understand the best ways to care for themselves. These teams of professionals are helping patients get the medical treatment and proper nutrition needed to fight their sickness well! 

The treatment period often lasts up to nine months, so doctors are able to build lasting relationships with patients and help their families and communities learn the signs of HIV and TB, saving more lives in the process.

Because your generosity allowed the teams to reach more people than expected, over 1,200 individuals have been helped! 

Thank you for caring for those suffering from HIV and tuberculosis! Donate today to help more people like this.

Supporting Schools in Thailand

thailand school

For the past year, you have been providing food to almost 100 families twice a month!

Many of these families have been trying to migrate to other countries and, as they have been going through the anxiety of this process, you made sure that they had food on the table for their children. Through the relationships that were built in these food deliveries, it became clear to BGR International workers that the children had educational needs that were not being met. 

So you helped provide notebooks, pencils, textbooks, and other school supplies to these kids!

Two schools for refugees in the region were helped through this distribution and are better equipped going into this school year than they have been in the past – and that’s because of you!

Thank you for donating to BGR International so that we can continue to help kids around the world!

Teaching in Thailand’s Villages

thailand village

Villages in Thailand are experiencing a renewed sense of purpose because of you!

Your giving made it possible for BGR International to hold life skills and leadership trainings for over 200 village leaders! Through these classes, villagers were able to start a barber shop, a breeding farm for pigs, and a community vegetable garden. All of these small businesses will help create regular income for families who otherwise may not know where their next meal is coming from. 

After seeing how helpful the seminar was, volunteers from this group of leaders were then able to help a hill tribe that had little access to agricultural education. They were taught about nutrition and health practices, as well as given clothes, shoes, and milk to help them start the year out right! 

Through these visits with the hill tribe, leaders found that there was an urgent need for a children’s camp to teach hygiene classes, leadership and life skills, and healthy diet plans. Nearly 500 children from five different tribes attended this school where they made friends and learned valuable lessons that will lead them into adulthood well! 

To help more families in remote villages like this, donate now!

Philippines Earthquake Relief

philippines earthquake

Several earthquakes have devastated the Philippines since October of 2019. 

Over 350,000 people – 70,000 families – were made victims of these natural disasters. Evacuation centers in Mindanao are housing over 40,000 people and another 117,000 are without homes. The houses and buildings that are still standing are heavily damaged and growing weaker by the day, as aftershocks and tremors continue to affect the islands. 

Because the aftermath has continued to cause destruction, including triggering landslides, many families are too nervous to begin rebuilding, in case yet another disaster strikes. Many people who lived in the mountains or rural areas have been permanently displaced because of the shift in landscapes. 

BGR International is providing these families with the comfort they need during this difficult time. Packages including mosquito nets, mats, hygiene kits, food boxes, toiletries, and water filters have been delivered to those most impacted.

Because you were generous in donating to BGRI, over 25,000 people were helped through these emergency relief packages!

Migrant Families Start Businesses

migrant job skills program

Migrant workers are often treated poorly at their jobs, receiving lower wages for longer hours. 

At BGR International, we want to see migrants thrive in their new homes, not just survive. Feeling supported and valued in the workplace can change a person’s entire experience in a new country, so BGRI is helping a community in one East Asian city do just that through a job skills program. 

Through this employment program, over 50 migrant workers started their own clothing businesses where they could set their own hours and pay, while still getting to spend time with their families. Many workers were worried about their children’s safety while they were away, so BGRI was able to provide childcare through an after-school program as well! 

Over 100 kids are getting tutoring help, taking music classes, and making friends in a safe, clean center because of your donations! 

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