Cambodian Farming Initiative

BGR International is committed to sustainable agriculture and clean water initiatives, as well as ensuring that the necessary resources are available to the communities who need them. One such community in Cambodia was brought to the attention of BGRi through the Farming Communities Kingdom Movement. BGRi was able to train 70 community leaders, 30 workers, and 400 villagers on food security and planning regimens that help ensure food is always in the home.

Through teaching gardening techniques and providing initial seed packets, villagers were able to begin growing beans, vegetables, and much-needed medicinal plants just in time for the harvest season. Locals were also trained in how to use water purification tools and agricultural skills to ensure sustainability over time so that the crops would survive cycles of soil erosion and water wells would still be available during droughts.

Providing people in need with the means to support themselves and sustain livelihoods past a project’s end is an essential tenet of BGRi’s mission, and your ongoing support enables the empowerment of similar communities all over the world. To donate to ventures like this, visit

The Sunda Strait Tsunami

The tsunami that struck Indonesia’s Sunda Straits on December 22 left more than 400 dead, 14,000 injured and 33,719 displaced. More than 3,000 homes in the affected region have either been damaged or destroyed. 

BGR International is working to support the partners on the ground who are responding to immediate life-preserving needs. We are providing food, water, and transitional shelter for survivors and their families. 

Your contributions to BGR International during this time will help fund the provision of food, blankets, jerry cans, hygiene products, and water purification tools. The smallest of gifts can make a significant difference in the lives of those affected by this event, and we are grateful for your ongoing support during this time of crisis.

Sulawesi Response

Palu, Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami

BGR International will be working with local partners on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi in response to the devastating September earthquake and subsequent tsunami. The town of Palu and its 350,000 residences continue to search through the rubble for missing friends and family members.

The death toll is currently 1,400 and rising, with more than 66,000 homes having been destroyed. BGRI’s initial response will focus on providing food, water, and other immediate physical needs, along with transitional shelter opportunities.

Your gifts make this kind of immediate relief work possible! Thank you for your generous donations and ongoing support!

Volunteer Work in Lombok

Volunteers healthcare

Volunteers healthcare
Volunteers help facilitate a makeshift medical clinic















BGR International is continuing to work with Singapore volunteers in assisting with the relief efforts after yet another devastating earthquake in the area.

BGRI partners and volunteers have been on the ground in Lombok since day one of the earthquakes, with professional teams managing healthcare facilities, clean water provisions, trauma counseling, and general relief intervention.

We appreciate your efforts and willingness to volunteer during this crisis!

India Flooding

Massive flooding and widespread landslides throughout India have taken the lives of over 300 people and left over 300,000 more seeking temporary shelter in relief camps.  Thousands more are stranded on rooftops waiting to be rescued by immediate response teams. The state of Kerala is experiencing the worst flooding recorded in the nation’s recent history due to the presence of consistent monsoons since early July. For the first time in history, all 37 reservoir gates had to be opened to release excess water, which caused widespread inundation of both rural and urban areas.

BGR International is working with local partners trying to reach two particularly isolated districts that have had no help with rebuilding the roads and bridges that have been washed away. The loss of electricity, means of communication, and transportation have further complicated rescue and relief efforts in the area.

If you would like to help, visit our donations page to give to BGR International’s relief efforts in India.


Laos Dam Break

A hydroelectric dam in the southern part of Laos collapsed in the evening of 23 July.  The Laos government reported that the dam in Attapeu province collapsed as a result of heavy seasonal rainfalls.  The break has caused widespread flooding, destroyed crops, and created a need for food, water, and temporary shelter.  BGR International is working with a local partner on the ground assessing the needs.  We will respond with local volunteers and resources to this catastrophe after the assessment is complete.

Current reports have the homeless toll at over 6,000.  The government issued a call for aid in the form of clothing, food, drinking water, and other items.

The dam was an economic initiative meant to sell electricity to surrounding countries.

Lombok Earthquake Response

Boxes for Lombok


Boxes for Lombok
Boxes of relief supplies for Lombok

UPDATE:  07 Sept 2018

Relief supplies are on their way!

BGR International, along with Singapore partners, is sending blankets, T-shirts, water filters, and medical supplies to victims of the recent earthquakes in Lombok, Indonesia.

30 July 2018

On 29 July, a 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit the Indonesian island of Lombok, causing 16 deaths and damaging several communities. BGR International responded quickly, working with a Singaporean response team to assess needs; however, a second earthquake, measuring at a magnitude of 7.0, struck the same vicinity on 5 August. Thankfully, neither the team members nor their local partners sustained any injuries; they are now planning to continue their relief efforts in the aftermath of both disasters. Workers also will conduct supplementary assessments as a result of the second quake, and BGR International will respond as needed.

Your gifts to BGRI will be a vital part of the response!

Rice and Donations Encourage Community

In the shadow of economic recession, unemployment rates, and other social problems, the elderly, poor, widowed, and disabled of one region are struggling for survival. Major food shortages and low income make it difficult for these people to properly care for their families.

BGR International funds will supplement the expenditures of needy individuals throughout the local Church and provide rice to improve their diets.

Your donations make the world a better place. Let’s make a difference together!

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