Your Generosity at Work in Nepal

nepal food relief

Like many other countries throughout the Asia Rim, Nepal is suffering from the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Many day laborers have lost their only means of stable income, putting their families at risk of food insecurity and poverty. 

BGR International partners were able to help nearly 250 families eat for a month because of your generous donations! 

Families were given an assortment of rice, dal, oil, and sugar, providing the opportunity for volunteers and young believers to serve their neighbors and surrounding communities.
Volunteers even had the chance to follow up with all the families, laying the foundation for lasting relationships to grow in the future!

Thank you for your care for the hungry and hurting in Asia! Your gifts to BGR International help communities like this all across the region.  

Caring During COVID

Over 200 people in 10 different villages. 

This is who you are caring for during the COVID-19 pandemic.

And the numbers keep growing every day!

These villagers received over 130 food boxes to help them feed their children this month. Many of the parents were in construction, agriculture, or service industry jobs before the pandemic hit. With the spread of coronavirus, most lost their jobs suddenly, without time to save money or gather food. 

Now, their sense of urgency and panic at what the coming weeks will bring has lessened—thanks to you! To help even more communities in need, donate to BGRI today.

Distributing Food During COVID-19

For service industry workers, the COVID-19 pandemic has been especially devastating. 

On top of the stress of contracting the virus, losing family members, or being let go from jobs, many of these workers don’t know where their next meal will come from, as they are the sole income-earners in their families. 

But you are helping BGRI partners make sure construction workers, waiters and waitresses, and other service industry employees stay fed during quarantine! 

With your generous donations, BGR International is distributing basic food staples like rice, oil, eggs, and canned meat to families living under the poverty line or in refugee camps. These food packages are delivered right to their doors in order to maintain social distancing guidelines. 

Thank you for caring for working families throughout Asia during this global crisis!

Bringing Clean Water to Village Homes

Not having access to clean water can be a death sentence in certain isolated villages. 

Water-borne diseases and dehydration are known to wipe out entire communities, so when BGR International partners had the opportunity to step in and help four villages gain access to safe drinking water, they did not hesitate.

In one community, BGRI partners built a pump house and a water tank to connect the village to a communal water source so that their women and children would no longer have to make dangerous walks to the well every day.

In another village, BGR International repaired a water system and replaced broken pipes to ensure families were getting the clean water promised them by the government. 

In a different community, partners built two water tanks and a suspended pipe system that stretched over an entire river valley to make sure that the village’s location didn’t stop them from getting the clean water they needed to survive. 

Finally, in the last village, BGRI replaced their entire water system and made sure the new one was routed into each individual house, giving families access to tap water for the first time! 

You made this possible. You transformed four communities by giving them regular access to clean water! To help even more families in need, give to BGR International today.

Fighting the Coronavirus in Asia

The threat of further coronavirus outbreaks is a major stressor for people around the world right now, including those along the Asia Rim. 

One such community is benefitting from your help, as over 550 of their children are being trained on how to properly wear N90 masks and prevent further pollution in their communities so that everyone’s lungs can stay strong! 

Additionally, 85 teachers are being trained in preventative health practices so that they can better care for the children in their classes.

Leftover masks were donated to first responders and school staff who regularly sacrifice of themselves to protect their communities. You are helping BGR International partners care for children and frontline workers around the world! 

Thank you for your generosity. To help combat the coronavirus in other countries, donate today.

Building a Clinic in Thailand

Many villages in Southeast Asia have limited access to good healthcare. If someone in a rural area gets seriously injured, they often have to endure hours of difficult travel into a city center before getting the medical attention that they need. 

BGR International partners in one of these villages built a healthcare clinic and employed primary care doctors and nurses so that families could get the medical help needed to live happy, healthy lives. All of the staff are licensed and have two years’ experience in their fields, and the clinic offers regular checkups, much-needed examinations, and even CPR training! 

The stream of patients at the clinic has been so steady that this year, even more doctors were hired!

Hundreds of people in the village and from surrounding towns are now getting the immediate access to medical professionals that they deserve. 

To help BGRI serve more overlooked communities throughout Asia, donate today!

Keeping Craftsmen Safe

For many craftsmen and construction workers in the villages of Thailand, it is difficult to get the proper safety equipment necessary to stay out of harm’s way while working. Accidents often happen that leave workers severely injured and unable to continue making money for their families. 

Even if an injury only keeps them from work for one or two months, their families often have no other way of keeping food on the table during that time. 

Your donations made it possible for BGR International partners to give out safety goggles, rubber sleeves, masks, and gloves to over 150 blue collar workers in rural Thailand!

During the distribution, partners were also able to hold safety education classes, showing them how to properly use tools, equipment, and hand signals to protect themselves and each other from harm. 

Thank you for giving to BGR International so that we can care for the wellbeing of workers like this all over Asia!

Reaching the Mountains of Thailand

Staying warm in the mountains of Thailand is a challenge for villagers living under the poverty line. 

BGR International partners gathered Thai leaders who live in the mountain communities and distributed large, thick blankets for each one to deliver to their homes. 

Entire communities came out to receive the blankets when their leaders weren’t able to come into the city for distributions. They are so grateful for the way you are helping BGR International care for their families during the winter months! 

Mountain towns are almost the only places in tropical Thailand that experience a winter season, so these blankets were a welcome relief. The good relationships that were built through this project allowed partners to start visiting individual homes and identify other ways to start helping these isolated people groups. 

Thank you for helping this rural population! Keep more families warm in the winter by giving to BGR International today.

Your donations make the world a better place. Let’s make a difference together!

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