Flooding in Nepal, Bangladesh, and India

Monsoon rains in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal have affected an estimate of 16 million people, killed over 800, and displaced over 1 million from their homes, villages, and local communities. Flood waters are just starting to recede, but it will be months before most communities will return to some sense of normalcy.

BGR International is responding with our on-the-ground partners, and your gifts will help in this response!

Relief and Development Training

BGR International is a leader in training organizations and response groups in community development and disaster relief. Strategically focused on empowering communities to be self-sufficient, our training is designed to equip the local populace in problem-solving rather than attempting to be the problem solver.

Facilitated classroom training is followed by an on-site practicum where trainees lead others in learning the same skills that they were taught in the classroom.

Village School Development

Volunteer teams from community development training in Singapore are working to promote and implement theories that they learned in the classroom in the Philippines’ rural communities. More than 20 students have trained local leaders in the basic principles of community development and disaster response.

BGR partners and local leaders created lesson plans on nutritional education and childcare that proved helpful for the health and longevity of the community. Improved gardening techniques were introduced and demonstrated, and teams facilitated medical and dental clinics, educational camps, and school nutrition programs.

Thank you for your continued support in helping us provide these resources for communities in need!

Goat Savvy

In the past, one Asian community’s farmers had no realistic means of developing extra income or improving their dietary habits, but you helped BGRI change that.

BGR International’s field partners have been training a group in the animal husbandry skills they needed to raise, care for, and inseminate goats. Many families are participating in the program, with over 30 farmers receiving not only the goats, but also the necessary skills to breed and provide medical care for them.

Some farmers were also able to learn the method by which goat manure can be processed in order to sell it! A total of 75 goats have been bought and inseminated, with a resulting 22 young. The kids were then divided out among additional interested families, helping exponentially more people than originally anticipated!

Tarpaulins and Tin

During the rainy season in one Indian village, an unchecked buildup of erosion and storm damage was consistently severely damaging, and sometimes destroying, people’s homes.

Recently, in an effort to prevent further destruction, BGR International field partners distributed tarpaulins and tin sheets to help the affected families construct proper roofs and shelters from the ongoing monsoons. Thanks to you, these families will now have durable structures to seek cover in during future storms!

Providing Relief to Refugees

Image: Stephen Starr/IRIN

BGR International partners are providing relief to Iraqi refugees whose lives have been devastated by the recent war. Approximately 70,000 Iraqis escaped the conflict zones in an attempt to find refuge in neighboring countries. Most are now living in densely populated, poor urban areas.

For maximum impact, BGR International partners will target 240 families: 20 families per month for 12 months. Your donations will help provide food for these families in their time of need. Additionally, BGR International partners will hold a small-scale distribution of clothing and general health items.

Rescuing the Perishing

BGRI’s Project “Rescuing the Perishing – Open Doors” is all about providing hope for children trapped on the streets along the border of Thailand and Myanmar.

It is estimated that over 100 children live on the streets of one border town that BGRI is focused on. Here, most children are orphans who very seldom eat a hot meal, have little-to-no opportunity to attend school, and have no place to call home.

This project involves providing these kids with one guaranteed hot meal per day and a safe place to seek refuge from the streets. This will be the first step in the first phase of a multifaceted project that BGRI is committed to seeing through. Your donations will help fund the care and provision of comfort for these children!

The Moken Sea Gypsies

“The Moken Sea Gypsies are born, live, and die on their boats, and the umbilical cords of their children plunge into the sea,” goes a classic tale of the Moken. As divers and beachcombers, the Moken take what they need each day – fish, molluscs, and sandworms to eat; shells, sea snails, and oysters for barter.  They are, without doubt, the masters of the sea, able to make a living from it. They use nets, traps and spears to catch fish and other creatures. They also dive for spear shells, sea cucumbers, and lobsters. What they don’t eat for food, they sell in the markets. Thailand’s Moken have been settled into permanent villages. BGR International  volunteers recently participated in the beginning phase of building homes for the Moken Sea Gypsies on the Island of Payam.

Your donations make the world a better place. Let’s make a difference together!

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