As communities across Asia begin to live with COVID-19, BGR International continues to meet the needs of those neediest.  Over the past three years, much of our work has been assisting with food and medicine distribution to those isolated.

COVID-19 has consumed much of our time as we dealt with the initial impact, and the ongoing plans to deal with it, and now understand the ongoing effects and how we manage our lives with that continued risk.

While COVID-19 has raged before us, other catastrophes have occurred.  Typhoons have continued to destroy land and lives.  Earthquakes have ravaged cities.  A global hunger crisis has emerged from draughts, supply chain disruptions, and changes in weather patterns.  The Russian invasion of Ukraine is approaching one year.

The role of BGR International is needed more than ever.  We connect people in need with people who care. You care about a hurting world, and we want to provide you with opportunities to impact those needs in a sustainable way.

Feeding Isolated 01


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to adversely affect the people of Thailand economically because of the loss of jobs and income, many people lack the resources needed to prevent COVID-19 in their homes and monitor those who may be sick. There is a need for basic supplies to help vulnerable families.

BGR International sponsored a campaign to deliver care packages of food and medicine to these homes.  It has made a tremendous impact on the ability of those infected to recover while also providing needed food to those not infected but affected by the loss of income while the income earners were sick.



Over 13 million Ukrainians are displaced by the Russian invasion.  Food, healthcare, trauma counseling, and shelter are just some of the greatest needs. 

BGR International is providing training to organizations doing relief work inside Ukraine and surrounding countries. The SPHERE Project and disaster response training we lead have proven to be invaluable to those organizations that are on the front lines meeting needs. 

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Severe flooding hit many areas across Asia from September through November.  Many families had to flee their homes.  Local food supplies were destroyed.  

BGR International was able to distribute rice, noodles, canned fish, fish sauce, eggs, and cooking oil in food packets. 

Your donations make the world a better place. Let’s make a difference together!

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