Asian Disaster Foundation

BGR International partners with and supports the Asian Disaster Foundation (ADF).  ADF was founded in Thailand to do disaster response work primarily in Thailand, but secondarily in other Asian countries.  It’s main objective is to provide disaster relief to the survivors of humanitarian crises.  ADF has worked in floods, drought, refugee situations, wars, and a variety of other situations where the physical needs for water, food, shelter, and health care, have exceeded the ability of the affected population to provide for itself.  Likewise, ADF attempts to fill the needs for assistance where the larger organizations often overlook the need.  We supply food to orphanages who need food supplies to fill a temporary need, blankets to upper mountain people who have no blankets in the cold season, and other items to meet a temporary acute need.  ADF has worked in Thailand, China, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesian, Malaysia, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, to name a few.  ADF is also significantly involved in training government officials, NGO’s, and other interested smaller groups in SPHERE Project minimum standards in humanitarian response.