BGRI Life Skills Program

The goal of coming alongside communities in need is always to have them eventually become self-sufficient and empowered to sustain meaningful lives. For one group of villages, all that was needed was an initial spark of inspiration for the local leaders to rally and create their own internal structures and systems for the benefit of the community.        

BGR International partners were informed of the need for guidance and instruction on infant and mother nutrition, preventative healthcare measures, general life skills, and generational literacy training. To fill this gap in education, a life skills program was created and made available to a community comprising almost 1,000 women and children. This group of pioneer women focused their weekly meetings on empowering each other to enhance their capacities for life and happiness, to become competent workers, and to be confident in their capabilities.

Soon after the group was started, outsider involvement was deemed unnecessary, as problems were being solved internally and the group mindset had shifted from mere survival tactics to potential for community development. This transformation from reliance on outside resources to self-sufficiency within a village is ideal and serves as a testament to what educational and training programs can do for a community’s growth. To learn about ways to collaborate with BGR International on similar projects, visit

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