Bringing Clean Water to Village Homes

Not having access to clean water can be a death sentence in certain isolated villages. 

Water-borne diseases and dehydration are known to wipe out entire communities, so when BGR International partners had the opportunity to step in and help four villages gain access to safe drinking water, they did not hesitate.

In one community, BGRI partners built a pump house and a water tank to connect the village to a communal water source so that their women and children would no longer have to make dangerous walks to the well every day.

In another village, BGR International repaired a water system and replaced broken pipes to ensure families were getting the clean water promised them by the government. 

In a different community, partners built two water tanks and a suspended pipe system that stretched over an entire river valley to make sure that the village’s location didn’t stop them from getting the clean water they needed to survive. 

Finally, in the last village, BGRI replaced their entire water system and made sure the new one was routed into each individual house, giving families access to tap water for the first time! 

You made this possible. You transformed four communities by giving them regular access to clean water! To help even more families in need, give to BGR International today.