Cambodian Farming Initiative

BGR International is committed to sustainable agriculture and clean water initiatives, as well as ensuring that the necessary resources are available to the communities who need them. One such community in Cambodia was brought to the attention of BGRi through the Farming Communities Kingdom Movement. BGRi was able to train 70 community leaders, 30 workers, and 400 villagers on food security and planning regimens that help ensure food is always in the home.

Through teaching gardening techniques and providing initial seed packets, villagers were able to begin growing beans, vegetables, and much-needed medicinal plants just in time for the harvest season. Locals were also trained in how to use water purification tools and agricultural skills to ensure sustainability over time so that the crops would survive cycles of soil erosion and water wells would still be available during droughts.

Providing people in need with the means to support themselves and sustain livelihoods past a project’s end is an essential tenet of BGRi’s mission, and your ongoing support enables the empowerment of similar communities all over the world. To donate to ventures like this, visit

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