Caring for Cambodia

It can be very difficult to get access to healthcare and good hospitals in Cambodia. Remote villagers have to risk their safety on dangerous roads to big cities, and the wait for an appointment can be long and stressful. Especially for pregnant women, getting help with pregnancy and birth can be extremely hard.

But your donations are helping villages across the country get the medical attention they need!

Professionals are leading classes that teach basic skills like hand-washing, burping a baby, and how to treat a fever, along with more advanced techniques like how to cure outbreaks of worms and amoebas. This project eventually reached 24 communities, 11 of which had never been helped with healthcare before! That’s over 1,000 reached by your generosity, and 270 pregnant women who now know how to best care for themselves and their babies. 

These villages now have leaders who have been trained for emergency medical situations, so they will be prepared for the future. And it’s all thanks to you! 

To help more communities in Cambodia, donate to BGR International today!

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