Children Find New Hope

In one rural region of an Asian country, it is common for parents to leave their families in search of better-paying jobs in the city. With many middle-aged members of the community leaving, the elderly are left to look after the children in whatever ways they can; but because of their age, it is difficult for them to discipline and care for the kids emotionally and physically. 

This imbalance of power and structure has sent the community into a downward spiral. 

Most children drop out of school by the time they are teenagers. Because they are not being trained in job skills or getting the education they need to work in the city, many boys are resorting to begging on the streets and many girls are left to raise families by themselves after getting pregnant. 

This cycle is repeating itself. 

But you are helping BGR International change this community’s story. 

We started a community center that is teaching character development and art classes to children from the entire region! Along with after-school counseling and life skills training, these kids are learning how to succeed in class and thrive in a workforce environment. 

Giving these children the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and structured way will transform their chances at succeeding as adults. You are helping the next generation experience full and meaningful lives!

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