Empowering South Asian Women

In many rural South Asian communities, the subversion of women is still a major issue that needs healing and addressing by internal authorities. One way that South Asian women participating in a recent BGRi project found to empower one another was by meeting in small groups on a regular basis to discuss healthcare issues, disease prevention tactics, and income generation for the female population in general.

Through these regular meetings, almost 30 matriarchs were able to problem solve for important issues surrounding their community, such as general nutrition and dietary problems, clean water deficiencies, and agricultural complications.  These women were able to execute a pilot project to test some of their theoretical solutions by starting a communal kitchen and garden that was available to all surrounding tribes. This endeavor resulted in revived soil health in the region, a renewed interest in composting and recycling, and the collective construction of a fresh water well.

It is truly remarkable what this small group of invested mothers was able to accomplish when they banded together for the good of their families. Please be in prayer for these women and the thousands of others struggling to provide for their communities! 


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