Fighting HIV and Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis and HIV are some of the lead killers in Asia. 

One of the main ways to help stop the rapid spread of diseases is through raising awareness and educating people on the risks and causes. Once those suffering from these illnesses understand their health issues, they are more likely to seek help and get healthy in the proper ways. 

Inadequate hospitals and health services are often a barrier to receiving the medical care they need, however. So BGR International is sending doctors and health experts to go into the homes of patients who have already been diagnosed and make sure they understand the best ways to care for themselves. These teams of professionals are helping patients get the medical treatment and proper nutrition needed to fight their sickness well! 

The treatment period often lasts up to nine months, so doctors are able to build lasting relationships with patients and help their families and communities learn the signs of HIV and TB, saving more lives in the process.

Because your generosity allowed the teams to reach more people than expected, over 1,200 individuals have been helped! 

Thank you for caring for those suffering from HIV and tuberculosis! Donate today to help more people like this.

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