Food donations nourish children staying in orphanages and hostels

A BGR International project will provide food for poor children forced to stay in local orphanages or hostels in order to maintain access to education. Without the available boarding within a short distance from a school, hilltribe children could not access a basic education. Parents of these children pay for their boarding with food donations.

The rural hilltribe populations are a disadvantaged and vulnerable group of society in one region, largely dependent on agriculture for income and employment. Hilltribe people face a higher degree of poverty than other groups. With agriculture as their main economic activity, household-based handicrafts and wage employment provide secondary sources of income. They lack access to basic social services (including education and health care), and they also lack opportunities for skill development, income and employment.

Today, more people are addressing a variety of issues concerning hilltribe people, from citizenship and land settlement issues to quality of life and welfare. The role of education in improving socio-economic conditions is consistently recognized. Villagers acknowledge that the education of their children can contribute to sustainable rural development. While an increasing number of hilltribe children attend primary schools at the initiative of their communities and governments, access to education is still limited.

The project will provide food for the children staying in hostels or orphanages due to the poverty level of the parents.