Goats, Bathrooms, and Wells!

In one country along the Asia Rim, most families depend on farming and agriculture to make consistent money. If there is a drought or monsoons one season, an entire year’s worth of wages can be washed down the drain. Because of the uncertainty of the weather and crop growth, a lot of farmers and their families live hand-to-mouth, not knowing if next week’s meals are guaranteed. 

Your donations helped BGR International partners throughout the nation train community leaders in gardening techniques, water sanitation and hygiene practices, and animal husbandry!

Some villagers were even given water filters, so they wouldn’t have to make long treks to communal water wells.  

A goat project was also started to help farming families make consistent money from their milk, meat, and breeding. This new source of income will keep food on the table for agricultural communities regardless of their crop yield! 

One man involved in the distribution expressed a need for a bathroom in his home, as his family had been using the river to relieve themselves. BGRI workers built one from scratch! The villager was astounded: “My family is blessed to receive this gift. Now we can help others in our community too!” 

Thank you for your generosity in helping these communities!