Helping Farmers in the Philippines

Farmers in the Philippines are facing some of the harshest conditions they have ever had to navigate, with natural disasters and little access to technology making it hard for the land to yield crops. 

One group of farmers there did not know how to keep their animals from getting sick. They were struggling to keep food on the tables for their families and were in debt with many merchants who had been buying their fruits and vegetables. In desperation, many of them turned to gambling and lost even more money in the process. 

But you helped train almost 150 farmers across three regions in health and hygiene practices, agriculture techniques, and life skills! These farmers represent nearly 1,000 people when their wives and children are included—many people are benefiting from this teaching. The life skills instruction has especially been helpful, with farmers learning how to cook, make organic fertilizer, keep pests away from gardens, and breed animals. With their new skills, they are starting bakeries, businesses for home care products, and fruit and vegetable stands!

These families now have healthy diets and consistent incomes because of your generosity in donating to BGR International! Many have even paid off all of their debts because of their new businesses and are living free lives for the first time in many years. 

To help more families like this, donate today!

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