Hope for a Housewife

You are helping one housewife in the Philippines, along with almost 200 adults and 200 children, live better and healthier lives! Your gifts to BGR International made it possible for Mrs. Ocampo to learn enough about agriculture to raise chickens as a means of providing for her family!
Her courage and determination motivated her to complete a BGRI training and gain the knowledge she needed to start a side business selling soothing ointment and herbal bandages to the sick and wounded in her community. 

The money she makes from this has allowed her to keep food on the table for her children and start to plan for her family’s future as vegetable farmers. You have given her hope again!

Other families who attended the trainings were able to start similar side businesses to start earning steady incomes. New skills such as livestock breeding, cooking, health care, and hygiene practices were also taught and received well by those who attended. 

Thank you for making it possible for BGR International to serve communities in need!