Migrant Families Start Businesses

Migrant workers are often treated poorly at their jobs, receiving lower wages for longer hours. 

At BGR International, we want to see migrants thrive in their new homes, not just survive. Feeling supported and valued in the workplace can change a person’s entire experience in a new country, so BGRI is helping a community in one East Asian city do just that through a job skills program. 

Through this employment program, over 50 migrant workers started their own clothing businesses where they could set their own hours and pay, while still getting to spend time with their families. Many workers were worried about their children’s safety while they were away, so BGRI was able to provide childcare through an after-school program as well! 

Over 100 kids are getting tutoring help, taking music classes, and making friends in a safe, clean center because of your donations! 

Help more deserving families like this by giving today.

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