Philippines Earthquake Relief

Several earthquakes have devastated the Philippines since October of 2019. 

Over 350,000 people – 70,000 families – were made victims of these natural disasters. Evacuation centers in Mindanao are housing over 40,000 people and another 117,000 are without homes. The houses and buildings that are still standing are heavily damaged and growing weaker by the day, as aftershocks and tremors continue to affect the islands. 

Because the aftermath has continued to cause destruction, including triggering landslides, many families are too nervous to begin rebuilding, in case yet another disaster strikes. Many people who lived in the mountains or rural areas have been permanently displaced because of the shift in landscapes. 

BGR International is providing these families with the comfort they need during this difficult time. Packages including mosquito nets, mats, hygiene kits, food boxes, toiletries, and water filters have been delivered to those most impacted.

Because you were generous in donating to BGRI, over 25,000 people were helped through these emergency relief packages!

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