School Sickness in Asia

A water-born E. coli and salmonella outbreak was threatening the health of school children who drank tap water and adults who relied on drinking rainwater to stay hydrated. One of the poorest regions of Asia, with plenty of poverty-based issues already, was suffering from widespread illness. 

BGR International, after testing the water in the area, discovered the source of this illness—E. Coli and salmonella levels were over 800 times the normal standard. So we went to work!

BGRI installed water filters in 15 different schools across five regions that served over 4,000 students and 150 teachers! With a school district that large, infection was spreading rapidly before you helped stop the epidemic. Children and teachers alike were taught important hygiene lessons and shown how to drink water safely.

When we returned to the schools later to see how the students were doing, teachers told us that the number of children who were ill had been drastically reduced! Thank you for caring about these kids and their professors – donate to help more people in need today!

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