Teaching in Thailand’s Villages

Villages in Thailand are experiencing a renewed sense of purpose because of you!

Your giving made it possible for BGR International to hold life skills and leadership trainings for over 200 village leaders! Through these classes, villagers were able to start a barber shop, a breeding farm for pigs, and a community vegetable garden. All of these small businesses will help create regular income for families who otherwise may not know where their next meal is coming from. 

After seeing how helpful the seminar was, volunteers from this group of leaders were then able to help a hill tribe that had little access to agricultural education. They were taught about nutrition and health practices, as well as given clothes, shoes, and milk to help them start the year out right! 

Through these visits with the hill tribe, leaders found that there was an urgent need for a children’s camp to teach hygiene classes, leadership and life skills, and healthy diet plans. Nearly 500 children from five different tribes attended this school where they made friends and learned valuable lessons that will lead them into adulthood well! 

To help more families in remote villages like this, donate now!

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