Training the Next Generation

This past year, BGR International had the incredible opportunity to invest in community development in a vulnerable region of the world.

This opportunity involved BGRI workers installing almost 200 permanent home water filters, hosting an agricultural training for almost 50 community leaders, giving much-needed medical attention to over 250 people and dental care to almost 100 others, as well as teaching oral hygiene to 200 children in the area. 

These medical trainings and clinics resulted in meaningful friendships and the formation of four new community development organizations that are identifying needs in their villages. BGR International workers were able to train the leaders of these new organizations in government registration, accounting, and event organization, so that they will be better prepared for the challenges ahead. 

Over 2,500 people benefitted from this project, and we could not have impacted that many families without you! To donate to more efforts like this, give to BGR International today.