Training Young Farmers

One of the most underdeveloped countries in the Asia Rim was facing drought and an outbreak of water-related diseases before BGR International stepped in. 

After hearing of the agricultural problems that farmers in the region were facing, BGRI partners were able to train the leaders of 30 different communities in sustainable farming processes! 

Additionally, after partners discovered contaminated water supplies, they were able to give out dozens of clean water filters to families who desperately needed them. The lack of water in one village had become so severe that they were on the brink of losing all water sources, but BGR International provided emergency water rations to help families make it through the drought. 

The youth in this region were particularly targeted, as they were seeking better lives for themselves and their future children. Leadership trainings were held for 70 of these young people to help them become better equipped to face the world and earn consistent incomes. 

Thank you for helping communities like this around the world experience a better life! To help more families, donate to BGR International today.