Village Flooding

The collapse of a dam in one South Asian country wreaked havoc on the villages in the flood’s pathway. 

13 different communities were destroyed, leaving 7,000 people homeless overnight. 

After the disaster, the villagers were left with many urgent questions: how would they prevent the spread of sickness? Where would they find clean drinking water? How were they supposed to rebuild their homes in marshland? Where would their next meal come from? 

BGR International had answers and was able to deliver on them because of your donations. 

Five camps made up of tents, school buildings, and temporary communal housing were constructed to keep the families safe. The children were given an education and gained access to clean water through the 2,500 water filters that BGR International distributed. In follow-up visits, families attended trainings on safe drinking and hygiene practices that helped them stay healthy and prevent disease outbreaks.

The relationships built through these trainings and distributions are priceless. Thank you for giving so that BGR International can continue helping communities like this in need!

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