Relief Efforts in Lombok

 After the devastating earthquake in Lombok this past fall, ongoing relief efforts have managed to quell some of the aftereffects, but the reach of such a monumental natural disaster is extensive. BGR International has attempted to be a mainstay of reliable aid and resources in the area through continuing social support programs and provisions.

The various goals of these individualized programs were replenishing the community’s depleted water supply, supplying families with clean water filters, and offering free medical and counseling services. Other targets also included erecting the appropriate sterile facilities, holding trauma trainings and healing workshops, providing transitional housing opportunities, and strengthening faith communities in their outreach efforts.

These endeavors at rebuilding and supporting the affected communities in Lombok have proven successful and are empowering individuals to reclaim independence in the face of tragedy. You can help support similar relief projects at 

The Sunda Strait Tsunami

The tsunami that struck Indonesia’s Sunda Straits on December 22 left more than 400 dead, 14,000 injured and 33,719 displaced. More than 3,000 homes in the affected region have either been damaged or destroyed. 

BGR International is working to support the partners on the ground who are responding to immediate life-preserving needs. We are providing food, water, and transitional shelter for survivors and their families. 

Your contributions to BGR International during this time will help fund the provision of food, blankets, jerry cans, hygiene products, and water purification tools. The smallest of gifts can make a significant difference in the lives of those affected by this event, and we are grateful for your ongoing support during this time of crisis.

Sulawesi Response

Palu, Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami

BGR International will be working with local partners on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi in response to the devastating September earthquake and subsequent tsunami. The town of Palu and its 350,000 residences continue to search through the rubble for missing friends and family members.

The death toll is currently 1,400 and rising, with more than 66,000 homes having been destroyed. BGRI’s initial response will focus on providing food, water, and other immediate physical needs, along with transitional shelter opportunities.

Your gifts make this kind of immediate relief work possible! Thank you for your generous donations and ongoing support!

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