COVID-19 Response in India

This new wave of COVID-19 infections is taking its toll on the people of India. Hospitals are overwhelmed with new patience. Many are running out of oxygen. The infection rate is the highest since the pandemic began.

Because of the lockdown, there is no opportunity to go out and work. So many people are struggling to survive. Most of the people lost their job and for which they are going through starvation. Moreover, they have sold everything that they had and now they have nothing with them. So they need help.

BGR International works with local partners to distribute food packets consisting of two weeks worth of rice, lentils, cooking oil, salt and some hygiene items.

Your gift can help us provide these basic food items to those in need.

Providing Relief to Refugees

Image: Stephen Starr/IRIN

BGR International partners are providing relief to Iraqi refugees whose lives have been devastated by the recent war. Approximately 70,000 Iraqis escaped the conflict zones in an attempt to find refuge in neighboring countries. Most are now living in densely populated, poor urban areas.

For maximum impact, BGR International partners will target 240 families: 20 families per month for 12 months. Your donations will help provide food for these families in their time of need. Additionally, BGR International partners will hold a small-scale distribution of clothing and general health items.

Rescuing the Perishing

BGRI’s Project “Rescuing the Perishing – Open Doors” is all about providing hope for children trapped on the streets along the border of Thailand and Myanmar.

It is estimated that over 100 children live on the streets of one border town that BGRI is focused on. Here, most children are orphans who very seldom eat a hot meal, have little-to-no opportunity to attend school, and have no place to call home.

This project involves providing these kids with one guaranteed hot meal per day and a safe place to seek refuge from the streets. This will be the first step in the first phase of a multifaceted project that BGRI is committed to seeing through. Your donations will help fund the care and provision of comfort for these children!

Your donations make the world a better place. Let’s make a difference together!

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