BGR International offers a variety of training course and training events to better prepare you to help people in need.  The course catalogue includes:

Disaster Preparedness

Are you prepared for the next big disaster in your community? How would you respond if a large earthquake struck your city? What do you need to know before that time comes?

BGR International Disaster Preparedness Course will provide you with the necessary information so you will be ready when disaster strikes your community. In the course you will learn the answers to:

  1. What do you need in your home now before disaster strike
  2. How do you help others while keeping your family safe?
  3. How do I respond to people of different cultures?
  4. What resources are already in place that might help me in a disaster?

Grief Management

Disasters bring loss. Loss needs to be dealt with properly to maintain a healthy life in the future. How do you deal with your loss and coming grief?

BGR International’s Grief Management Course will prepare you to:

  1. Understand the stages of grief
  2. Look for signs of grief and know what to expect when it comes
  3. Manage your grief leading to a healthy emotional future
  4. Help others as they also suffer from loss

Disaster Response

You hear on the news almost every day that disaster has hit somewhere today. Earthquakes. Wars. Drought. Storms. A factory explosion. All kinds of disaster, both natural and man-made. Each carries its own story of hurt and destruction. What can you do when a disaster hits?

BGR International’s course, Responding to Disasters, prepares you to be a responder. With this training you will better understand:

  1. The protocol for international disaster response
  2. The foundation for why we respond and help others
  3. Who needs to respond and who needs to stay home
  4. How to help others effectively in their time of great need
  5. Practical steps for your involvement

Community Development Overview

Most communities around the world want to see their people live a healthy and productive life yet circumstances seem to prevent that from happing. Knowing how to be a change agent rather than a change doer is important for sustainable development.

In this course you will gain an overview of how the principles of good community development can facilitate a growing healthy environment.

Kingdom Community Development

Sustainable community development can only happen when men and women have a healthy view of themselves and their community. The Bible has some principles that can assist you in understanding how people who live their life in freedom with dignity lead their community to proper and mature.

Learn in this course the value of seeing the poor from a Biblical world view.

CD Training 1 copy

Hunger and Poverty

Hunger and poverty often go hand in hand but it does not have to be that way. Learn how what you can do in your community to alleviate hunger and provide healthy nutrition for your family

Clean Water Development

Dirty water accounts for many deaths around the world. When the water is clean, many of the health threats are eliminated.

In this course you will learn

  1. How to test for water quality
  2. What is the best way to get clean water in a community
  3. Options for clean water
  4. What are the various types of wells available

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Livelihood Skills Development

Good jobs can lead a family out of poverty. But how does one get a good job? How does one deal with an economic environment what doesn’t seem to have any jobs available?

In this course you will learn

  1. What is Job Skills Training and when is it effective?
  2. How to determine types of job a community needs
  3. How to setup livelihood sills training for a community

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